Sexual Reproductive Health Educator-Teen Clinic Volunteer Application

The recruitment, interviewing and training of this volunteer position is coordinated in partnership amongst the following health organizations: Mount Carmel Clinic; The Winnipeg Regional Health Authorirty (WRHA); Healthy Child Manitoba; Youville Centre; Klinic Community Health Centre; Nor' West Community Health Centre and The Selkirk (IERHA) Teen Clinic. Please note that by applying for this volunteer position all information in this Volunteer Application Form whether submitted online or in paper form directly to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Volunteer Services will be entered to a website owned by Volgistics', Inc. and not the WRHA Volunteer Services including but not limited to: the application, personal information, volunteer assignments, service hours, awards etc. Volgistics', Inc. currently stores this information on servers located outside of Canada. This information will be subject to the laws of the country where it is kept. The WRHA is not responsible for any lost or misdirected data or for any delays while data is being sent to or stored on the Volgistics' website. Information about the Volgistics' security feature, privacy policies and terms of use can be found on its website at
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    If you are interviewed as a potential volunteer, you will be asked to provide three (3) references. Please note that references from family members or from person friends will not be accepted unless you were employed by them.
  • By submitting this application, I agree that the information I have provided on the form is true and accurate. Furthermore, I understand and agree that submitting this application form does not automatically register me as a volunteer. It is the policy of WRHA Volunteer Services to screen all prospective volunteers. While we try to place every prospective volunteer, management reserves the right to decline applicants who do not meet our requirements and/or placement criteria. I consent to this information and information about my volunteer work with WRHA to be maintained on the Volgistics website and absolve and release the WRHA from all and any liability that may otherwise accrue by reason of keeping this information on the Volgistics website and using this information for WRHA purposes.