Our History

  • Late 1800s – 1900s

    Winnipeg businessmen aggressively advertise for immigrants.

  • 1926

    Mount Carmel Clinic—Canada’s first community-based health clinic—is established in Winnipeg’s North End (Prichard Avenue) to meet the needs of Jewish immigrants.

  • 1929

    The clinic moves to 120 Selkirk Avenue.

  • late 1940s

    The Jewish community enjoys an economic upturn, resulting in a reduced need for services.

  • 1948

    A bookkeeper-secretary and nurse Anne Ross become the clinic’s first full-time staff.

    Three to four patients come in each day.

  • 1950-70s

    Anne Ross pioneers a new approach, shifting focus from the Jewish community to all residents of the North End.

    The clinic contravenes Federal law by providing women with family planning information.

    The clinic earns its reputation for treatment with dignity. It expands its services to include counseling, a milk fund for at-risk pregnant women, free dental care and a day nursery.

  • 1970

    Patient numbers swell. The clinic serves up to 120 clients per day.

  • Early 1970s

    The clinic begins procuring funds to build a new facility to accommodate its growing number of patients.

  • Early 1970s

    The clinic challenges the government to improve the quality of housing for those living on low incomes. It advocates for the upgrading of existing houses through purchase and renovation with an option to buy, and for more public housing in the area.

  • 1974

    The Neighbourhood Improvement Program is established with funding from three levels of government.

  • 1982

    Mount Carmel Clinic opens at its new location – 886 Main Street.

  • 1998

    Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation is established.

  • 2005

    Mount Carmel Clinic Foundation undertakes a $10M capital campaign to upgrade and expand clinic facilities.

  • 2006

    The clinic experiences over 139,000 points of contact.

  • 2008

    Phase 1 of the expansion is complete. The former CIBC bank at 888 Main Street is retrofitted to house the clinic’s administrative offices and community outreach services.

  • 2012

    Phase 2 of the expansion is complete – a $900,000 renovation to modernize the Anne Ross Day Nursery, making it fully accessible and adding an additional 8 licensed childcare spaces.

  • Today

    Mount Carmel Clinic services continue to evolve and grow based on the changing needs of North End and Point Douglas residents.